If you have set the venue as well as the date of your baby’s birthday party, then it is time to send the party invitations. The specialty cake, as well as the decorations, matches perfectly with your theme. The moment your guests will arrive, everything is ready to go and it’s show time.

Relatives and friends of various ages are common for most birthday celebrations. It is advisable that you prepare different types of activities so that everyone can join in the fun. Well, to help you, here are some party games and activities that you can use for your baby’s first birthday.

Soft Play

You can reserve a corner for soft play and a place for toddlers and babies to gather together while letting the bigger ones enjoy games such as musical chairs. To create a baby zone, place a soft mat in an area of the room to make it safer a corner will do and put gates. So that babies can [;ay and have fun on their own whenever they will need their own space, fill the space with soft blocks and foam balls.

Catching Bubbles

Challenge the kids by giving them plastic cups and turn on your bubble pumping machine. Even if she doesn’t get the whole concept, the birthday girl will surely be happy to play with the bubbles. If you do not have a bubble machine, you can hire someone to make bubbles this is pretty in even in bigger parties.

Wagon Rides

Streamers, balloons, and stickers can be used to decorate your wagon. You can also hang some greetings and pictures, and then pull the wagon around the room as guests watch on and celebrate. Bring few wagons and let their parents or guardians give a ride with the children.

First Birthday Parade

Your baby can join a parade if your baby is walking. If she isn’t capable yet, the parent can carry the baby around. You can incorporate your theme with your parade.

Cardboard Boxes

Chances are the kids are going to play with the box, put something inside that isn’t toxic and is safe for everyone. Let the kids have their own fun crawling around by giving them a few cardboard boxes. They will surely crumble in into balls. You can even provide them with some stickers and crayons that kids can use to decorate boxes if you like.

You must never forget to take pictures of this memorable event but you will surely be busy with the party itself especially taking care of your child. Well, it is advisable to hire someone to capture the special moments, thankfully, there are many services such as photo booth rental that offers high-quality work and guarantees client satisfaction.

If you want to bring the entire party to a whole new level, bring options for your adult guests as well, if not through activities then at least through the food you serve. If you want a snack that it delicious but also easy to eat you can do a bit of taco catering Chula Vista or chips and crisps. This way you won’t have to worry about your other guests as well.