Anabolic Steroid HGH

Links between anabolic steroids and HGH have been around for a while. Scientific tests have pointed to links between HGH supplements and the build up of body mass and muscles since the 1990’s. Bodybuilders began touting the positive effects they were seeing by taking a form of HGH supplement whether it was in the form of pills, injections or sprays. The human growth hormone is produced naturally in our bodies throughout our lives. Quantities peak during our adolescence which is when of course our bodies are growing and developing at its fastest rate.

After this time, much less is produced and when we go beyond middle-age, there is very little produced naturally in our bodies…

Links between HGH and Anabolic Steroids

Image resource: Steroids Online Magazine
Image resource: Steroids Online Magazine

HGH carries out many important functions in our bodies. Primarily it is what causes us to grow and so diminishing quantities being produced in our bodies leads to less and less growth of our bodies. Not only this however, it all creates cell regeneration, promotes tissue repair, helps in the fight against infection and disease and a whole host of other vital functions. Generally speaking, all of the functions that the hormone is accountable for come under the general umbrella term of ‘anabolic’, which literally means ‘building up.’ The science behind how the hormone carries out its functions is that it interacts with a receptor that is contained on the surface of the cells. When this takes places, the hormone acts as a stimulant and helps to stimulate and contribute to the build up of cartilage.

It is not surprising therefore that body builders turned to HGH supplements as a form of anabolic steroid…

It is believed by some that if we simply continue producing the HGH hormone in our bodies, then the positive functions and effects it has on the body will also continue such as the building up of tissue and cartilage and the protection against disease, along with a variety of other anti-aging effects.

HGH Anabolic Products

There are a number of products on the market claiming to act as a ‘natural’ anabolic steroid and you can find the best legal steroids here. The theory is that if the body is simply encouraged to produce more of the human growth hormone throughout our lives, then quite simply the body will continue to build up muscle mass and tissue and produce the same effects if one were to take a course of anabolic steroids. HGH supplements can be taken in a variety of ways. Pills, injections and sprays are available to buy. Physicians will not prescribe a course of HGH supplements except in the rare cases where someone has a diagnosed hormone deficiency. In these cases a doctor will prescribe a course of injections to be taken in order to encourage the body to produce a greater quantity. In these instances doctors will only prescribe injections to administer the hormone, and never sprays or pills.

It has not been officially proved that sprays have any effect as it is believed by many that it is not possible for the body to receive additional HGH in this way. Unable to be absorbed through the lining of the mouth, the substance cannot be delivered into the blood and carried around the body. Pills are simple to take and cheap, however a course of injections have to be administered by a private clinic and the course can often be hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

Downside of Anabolic Steroids?

There are side effects of using anabolic steroids especially caused by long term use. Studies have pointed to heart problems, stunted growth, kidney problems, strokes, liver tumors and even psychiatric problems. As yet there is no hard scientific or medical proof that HGH hormone supplements can have the same effects as an anabolic steroid, and therefore no proof that the supplement would produce any of the listed negative effects that accompany long term anabolic steroid use.